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Where in MA can you get a tattoo at 16?

MA (Massachusetts) is a commonwealth and the age changes by town/city. Where in MA is it 16 with/without parental consent

do faux tapers, plugs and pinchers fit normal pierced ears?

do they fit normal pierced ears or would someone have to stretch their ears a little to get it to fit into their ear? Info please? Thanks

How do I conquer my fear of getting my ears pierced?

I’ve always been afraid of the pain of getting my ears pierced, but now I really want to get it done, but I’m a little scared still. Anyone have any tips, or advice about it? Thanks!

can you wear a spiral barbell in your tongue piercing?

i saw a picture of someone wearing a spiral barbell in their tongue piercing and i really liked it is there a spiral tongue ring? if so do you know where i can buy it? and heres a picture of what i think the bar would look like: http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/5720/twisterbarbellwithepoxy.jpg

How much would my peircings cost?

Okay. So I wanted to get a few peircings against my boyfriend’s say (Lol. He thinks I look beautiful regardless, or so he says) and maybe even my Mother’s, but just in case she says yes I wanted to know how much I would need in advance. The piercings I want: Rook Triple Helix Ear [...]

How would you describe me astrology terms.?

For those who believe in astrology no smartasses who waist their times comign to pages they dotn believ in.Im a scorpio ascendant pluto conjunt.Cancer sun,And an aries moon.What do u get form this combo?

Clear fluid coming out of lip piercing?

I got my lip pierced yesterday, and today I noticed clear fluid coming out of it, it’s not spit or puss… I was just wondering if this was part of the healing processes?

So, GUYS, how do you feel about piercings?

Hi! I’m personally a fan of piercings over tattoos any day. On girls, that is…on guys I love tattoos I think they can be sexy! I’m heterosexual, I just mean that I’m a girl & I love getting piercings if that makes sense? haha. So, I just wanted to know what guys think of piercings [...]

How long before my boyfriend can play with my piercing?

It’s a nipple piercing I just got it yesterday. And he already wants to know.

If piercing guns are not safe for cartilage piercings, then why do Claire’s and piercing pagoda use them?

If they were really that dangerous then wouldn’t they have been banned for doing cartilage piercings with piercing guns? Also the piercing gun companies say don’t use it anywhere else but the earlobe. Why are claire’s and other places use it when its dangerous? I’m concerned because I wanna get mine done, but my friend [...]