What is the best piercing for chubby girls?

Ok so I'm alittle chubby and 17 years of age. My hair is black and shoulder length, and my eyes are brown. I am wanting to know what would be the cutest piercing for me. I already had my monroe and it was quite cute, but what else would look cute on a girl like me?

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  1. eric Says:

    tongue or navel.

  2. Marina<33 Says:

    or tongue.
    or lip.
    their all cutee. :D

  3. Pancake93 Says:

    snake bites. :O awesome. lol. ORR tounge.

  4. Jarter Says:

    No piercing. Nothing screams out “I’m an idiot!” more than with a piercing.

  5. <3 Says:

    lol aww thats cute
    it dont matter what size you are siilly
    im 17 and chubby ive got my monroe pierced
    and below the bottom lip pierced to

    i had my nose done it was real cute
    get nose?

  6. ?????? Says:

    belly piercing

  7. Sunny Says:

    Honestly I feel like more than one facial piercing is too much. If you already have your monroe, I would just leave it at that. I love piercings but no one looks good if they’re COVERED in metal like a pin cushion. It’s just distracting.

    However, if you took your monroe out, nose rings are cute and aren’t very “LOOK AT ME”. haha

    Also, you could just get your ears pierced – like a tragus piercing or rook. :)

  8. Surrawr Says:

    Hey chick. I’m a 17 year old chubby girl as well. Ears are always a good option. I have my cartilage snug, rook, tragus and 3 lobes on each ear. If you’re looking for something different to catch attention, the snug does the trick haha. I don’t go a week without someone saying something about it. Daith piercings are always unique. If you’re not so into ears, tongues are always cool, and anyone can pull off a tongue ring, no matter what size. Dermal anchors are another good option because you can put them anywhere. So for example, nape piercings look awesome but they reject often because they’re a surface piercing. A dermal anchor can be placed on your nape and has a lower chance of rejection than a surface piercing.

    Whatever you pick, I’m sure will look fabulous! I would avoid the face just because you already have a facial piercing, but that’s just my opinion :)

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