How to convince your mom to let you get your ears pierced?

I really want my ears pierced, and she's not too against it. Her main argument is that i might regret it when im older, and its permanent. But you can let them close right? Its just a small hole in the first place, not like its a tattoo or something thats hard to get rid of. By the way im a 16 yr old guy.

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  1. Laura C Says:

    iv’e had my ears pierced since i was three. just take care of them so they won’t get infected… i always have earrings in

  2. Summer J's girl 3 ILY! Says:;_ylt=AvfiE9lnF4QQvhr.Q4IXtl6tDH1G;_ylv=3?qid=20110120204151AAazygU

  3. Tammy K Says:

    I have seen a number of questions here from young men who want to get their ears pierced but will not be able to wear earrings all the time during the normal six week healing process. If you get your ears pierced now, by the time you want or need to go without earrings for a few days such as for work or sports your ears wil have healed enough that you can go without earrings for a few days without having your holes close up. The time for piercing holes to close varies considerably from one person to another. The longer you wear earrings, the longer it will take for your holes to close if you stop wearing earrings. If you wear earrings most all the time for a year or two you will reach the point where it would take several years of not wearing any earrings for your holes to close to the point where you could no longer put earrings through them. So long as you keep your holes at a normal size, the size at which they will be pierced, they will not be noticeable when you are not wearing earrings. They may be more noticeable to you because you will know exactly where they are and will be consciously or subconsciously looking for them every time you look in a mirror. Your mom will probably also notice them because she will know they are there and will be looking for them. Other people will not be looking to see if your ears are pierced and will not notice the holes in your ears.

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