What kind of lip piercing would match up with a tongue piercing?

I want to get a Monroe piercing and get my tongue pierced, but I think it wouldn't match good together. I know it may sound weird to have your piercings coordinate, but that's just me :) Are there any other lip piercings out there that would go well with a tongue piercing? Thanks!

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  1. Lena Says:

    Unless you’re constantly sticking your tongue out, I doubt anyones gonna realize it’s pierced.

  2. iAmSORE?L [?] Says:

    it would go well
    my sister has a Monroe and a tongue piercing && it looks good

  3. Jessycullen Says:

    get your lip peirce on the right side only.

  4. seashell727 Says:

    Snake bites or angel bites.
    A Monroe would look good too :D
    Just don’t get a labret, it will look weird with your tongue piercing.

  5. seventy.times7 Says:

    i have my bottom lip to the right pierced and my tongue
    u cant really notice the tongue
    i have a huge diamond in my tongue
    and a super small diamond stud in my lip sometimes i put a ball on it that has diamonds in it
    i think a monroe would look cute with a tongue ring! :)

  6. Morphine Says:

    Try getting a smilie.


  7. Www.myspace.com/Enviousness Says:

    I totally understand what you mean! I have a lot of piercings but they match so I don’t look like a walking bulletin board (think about it) but anyway! I think a monroe would look find with a tongue ring as long as the jewlery wasn’t huge =]

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