Will a ball for a 14g barbell fit on any 14g barbell?

If I have those ball thingys you put on the end of a barbell, and i wanted to put it on a different barbell of the same size, would it fit? They are not the same brand. One is sterling silver from where i got it pierced, the other is from Ardene's. I got my inner conch pierced 2 weeks ago tomorrow., so it's too soon to change the whole earring, right? Even if i just take the earring out and quickly put another back in, in a process of about 10 seconds? A not change it for a few months? I want to change the ball so that it can match my lobe & helix, so that it can match my dress, for a wedding i may be going to. Do you think i should just try to see if it fits? I definitly can't change the whole earring right? Even if i clean them first, and i clean it 3 or 4 times a day with saline solution. Is there any way i could change it, between now (at 2 weeks) or 3 weeks? Thanks:)

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