What is the hottest piercing for a girl to get?

Everyone is against me getting my tongue pierced so besides that, whats the hottest piercing for a girl to have?

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  1. cmsantos Says:


  2. Emy Kate Says:

    i have my tongue pierced. i love it. guys love it too. well any guy i know.

  3. sweatshirtsinthesummer Says:

    ears, belly button

  4. Kelly _ Says:

    Ears. 0:-)

  5. Chris Says:

    belly button.

  6. Flchick Says:

    i think nose piercings are cool, im planning to get one, but i don’t think they are considered “hot” i don’t like when a body is really pierced, a girl stops looking classy..

  7. ?Goodnight & Goodbye? Says:

    the only thing i like is double peirced ears, not like ll the way uup ur ear, or tounge or eyes or lips or…… ehem… nipples….hmm…. they are all totally gross and unattractive….

    upper cartlidge is ok, but still stick with the double pierce…..
    unless u already have it then dont get anything..

  8. lauren Says:

    im have my clit pierced and everyone i know wants to bone me

  9. Madison Says:

    if you have good abs, then i suggest a bellybutton.
    but if not, just stick with ears. ;]

  10. Island Girl Says:

    Belly button

  11. barbiexboness Says:

    I like all piercings pretty much.
    Hottest…I am not sure. Maybe nose or navel?
    Cutest monroe.
    Edgy septum or anti-eyebrow.
    Piercings I am iffy about…
    Medusa, eyebrow and bridge.

    Still every ones face and body is different so it will look better/worse on some than others. So there are exceptions to all of these piercings.

  12. ameelmundo Says:

    personally i don’t think it really matters most piercings look good but i am a fan of girls with pierced lips and septum piercings are pretty cool too

  13. ukiah Says:


  14. SiENA Says:

    NOSE =D

  15. Tiny.Courtney.Watson Says:

    but only if you wear a silver stud.

  16. Bromeliad Says:

    Snake bites?

  17. spicy_lat Says:

    eye brow, nose or lip

  18. tungibot Says:

    I really like girls who can pull off ear cartilage piercings (on the top of the ear or middle).

    I, of course, also like belly button piercings, but the jewelry shouldn’t be too showy, but rather a little more plain. Too showy makes it less attractive in my opinion.

    Great piercings for girls:

    1. Earlobe

    2. Cartilage of ear (top/middle)

    3. Belly button

    Not so great piercings for girls:

    1. Eyebrow. Not many people can pull off the eyebrow, I have people tell me all the time that they hate eyebrow piercings, but it actually looks good on me. I have yet to meet a chick that looks remotely good with an eyebrow piercing.

    2. Tongue. I really hate the look of tongue piercings on people in general. It makes you look really low class. Of course, if you have a little metal piece on your tongue for filatio then… well… that’s always fun.

    3. Labret. Ugh, I really hate this piercing on girls. It just really always looks super terrible. I can’t really explain it, but I just really don’t like it.

    Kinda in between:

    1. Gauged earlobes. This can look good on SOME girls, but its a select few.

    2. Lip. Depending on what you get. Some girls look really good with the monroe, but it’s usually not the most attractive thing in the world. Some girls look great with lip studs below the lip and others look great with rings. Usually, though, people can’t pull it off.

    3. Nose. I think that only really preppy looking/dressed girls can pull it off. It has that preppy connotation to it that some people really like. Other people can’t really pull it off… it might come off, like other piercings, as “low class.”

    4. Industrial. Not a very common piercing. A select few can pull it off. I could imagine that a lot of girls would look fine with it, but I haven’t experienced it enough to give a clear answer.

    I can’t really think of too many other common piercings, but I’m sure you can use your imagination. Surface piercings in weird areas are fairly unattractive and takes a certain kind of person to wear in my opinion.

    Private piercings are great, but you won’t see me getting one.

  19. Sunny Says:

    Bellybutton or tounge guys love it!!!!!!!!!

  20. chickenbunny Says:

    Don’t get piercings for guys! Get them for yourself. Just get whatever you like best!

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