Whats a very unusual piercing?

at first i got gauges in my ears. i got them to a 0. and now.....everyone has them......then i got snake bites cause no one had them and now...... everyone has them..... im thinking about getting another set of piercings. most likely a lip piercing. but i have no clue what to get so no one will get them...... i was thinking about making my snake bites into double spider bites and adding one more piercing upder each of the origional snake bites and connecting that... idk hard to explain really. but it will come out to be three sets. on on each side and the one on the bottom. is it a good idea? lol well my face doesnt look like a meat grinder. thought that was funny. and the brain im almost positive would mess me up in some way. if someone could tell me how much hips cost its an idea. and i used to have 4 set corsets on both my sides 6 set on my back and neck 60 on each upper arm my eyebrow snakebites 0 gauges and nipples so please no one mention those haha well yes i owuld like them to be pretty visable. i do go shirtless alot so anything waist up or thigh under is good for me. and like kat said hips arent unusual anymore. if anyone has some weird ideas for peircings please let me know what they are and the pricing.

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  1. Rob S Says:

    brain piercing

  2. Dani1234 Says:

    hip piercings are cute.
    or the back of the neck.

    and LOL about brain piercing :)

    EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~my friend got her hips pierced for 100 bucks, 50 for each side

  3. sincereaaron Says:


  4. lilm Says:

    its not a good idea but a very unusual spot is on the white part of your eye they really do that its stupid but barely anyone has it

  5. ASHLEYYY8D Says:

    well the piercings you have a re very very common.
    my friend just got micro dermal hip piercings
    and they look sooooooooo good on a guy.

    if you want something unusual and not common hip piercings are cool [:
    i only now one person with them and everyone is too scared to get it so id go with that :D

    & if you want pictures of it just ask [:

    oh and there like $150 but they are sooo worth it.

  6. Alone. Says:

    Pierce your piercings. You’ll look like the Terminator but hey, it’s usual!

  7. Kevin Says:

    on your back

  8. peachyxkeen27 Says:

    I think the lip piercings you’re talking about are a little more common. You’d probably find a lot of people with them.

    Have you ever heard of micro dermal chest piercings?
    They’re a piercing you get horizontally underneath your collarbone. One under each.
    That or there’s a vertical kind where it goes right in the middle of your chest. (Not chest like boobs, chest like above them)
    Or, if you have cute cheek dimples, you could get those pierced!
    That would be really really cute, and it’s somewhat rare.

    I’m planning on getting one of the dermal chest piercings this weekend.
    It’s pretty rare.
    Plus I have the bridge of my nose pierced and my lip.

    I hope you fine something you like!

  9. Sarah C Says:

    hips they look amazing; trust me.

  10. teannagrace Says:

    Try a spider bites, but on the Monroe.

    If you understand. haha.

    I wanted to get that, but I think I’d look horrid.

    And NO ONE on the internet that I know about has this.

  11. Kat Says:

    Chances are if it can have a needle stuck through it, it’s already been pierced by someone else therefore no longer “unusual”.

    Nothing is unusual about multiple lip piercings. Adding more piercings to your lips doesn’t give it any more an air of uniqueness than people who get double eyebrow piercings or an inverse navel piercing.

    I’ve seen some pretty bizarre piercings. Places where it makes me think, just because you can doesn’t mean you should, if you know what I mean. Seriously, I saw a cervix piercing online. I can’t even wrap my brain around the logic behind that one. Who wakes up one morning and thinks, “gee, today I think I’ll get my cervical opening pierced!”? For some reason I envisioned that woman having a baby and that baby coming out with its eyebrow pierced, even though I know that isn’t feasible.

    I don’t know if genital piercings are out of the question for you or if it’s significant to you that the piercings be predominantly visible. Hips aren’t really unusual any more.

  12. Lava Says:

    Not enough people have smileys.

  13. Ashlee Says:

    I think this guys neck piercing is the most unique/beautiful piercing

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