stretching outter conch cartlidge and punches?

i want to get something like this they are 6g 8g and 10g outer conch punches. i have 00G lobes so i know quite a lot about stretching and piercings, but not much about larger guage cartlidge, i onlyhave 18 guage cartlidge piercings, double rook, helix, and inner conch. is it possible to stretch cartlidge up to 6 guage? or is it better to have them punched? what are the pros and cons of punches and of stretching. also. if you get a 6g punch in your cartlidge, even if taken out, and left to heal, there will always be a hole..correct? what size cartige can you go to before its permanent? will stretching make itmore likey to close? discuss photos of removed jewelry in 6g conch would be good?

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