Ear stretching? I want a small spiral taper.. how to go about this. xD?

I have my ears pierced normally and i want to get one stretched so i can have a smallish spiral taper in it. Like this one... http://www.bodyrockjewelry.com/Images/Small/BJ-TSPR-Small.jpg I've never done anything like this before. Is it something i can do myself or do i need to get it done somewhere. If i can do it myself, how. And whats the difference between using metal, plastic, bone etc for the spiral taper piece. Also how big can the average person stretch their ears before they wont go back to normal? thanks

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  1. chickenbunny Says:

    You should only wear glass or metal in a freshly stretched piercing. Anything else will stick to the inside of the hole and be overall nasty and painful. You can do it yourself, as long as you don’t skip sizes and wait 2-6 weeks between each stretch. In general, anything bigger than 2 gauge will not close up completely without surgery.

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