What kind of piercing retainer should I use to best hide an Earl/Bridge piercing?

A week ago I got my bridge pierced and I start school again in another week. I was hoping to get a retainer or something to hide the piercing because we're not allowed to have facial piercings at school. What kind of retainer--size, length etc--should I use?

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  1. ??ced Says:

    Changing a week old piercing is going to irritate it, causing swelling, possible bruising, and irritation – all things which someone will notice, even with a retainer in.

    That aside, you need to talk to your piercer about the ideal length & gauge. Retainers and body jewelry in general comes in many different shapes and forms. It is impossible for anyone on the internet to tell you what the most appropriate jewelry would be for you.

    Next time you want a piercing, you need to either time it better or hold off until you’re out of school for more than a week or 2. Piercings don’t heal that fast. They take months.

  2. BloodDoll Says:

    You really shouldn’t be changing that piercing yet, you’re only going to irritate it. When it’s healed, then you should go with a quartz retainer, not plastic. Glasswear Studios make very good quality retainers. Something along the lines of the below link would probably be best, but as I said, you’re really not going to do this piercing any favours by changing it so soon.

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