scene girls & possibly boys and ne one else that has an oral piercing?

im thinking about getting a monroe/madonna since i want it on the right but i just want to kno:: [btw if you dont know what it is ] does it hurt (explain)? and when you take it out is there a noticible hole? will it look good on me bc im really tan (asian) and i dont think it will be as noticible & idk if it will look stupid like a random silver thing poking out of my face and i usually think it looks better on white or black ppl idk if thats a racists comment but its not so dont think it is =P(me) dnt call me ugly cause i dnt want you to rate me thnx!=) no im not sexist but a monroe is usually a girls piercing and guys can answer if they have snakebites or something.. thanks everyone really good answers so far even if they are just opinions;D

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