what is the psyche of people who get a genital piercing done?

why do boys and girls get a genital piercing done i fail to understand what pleasure they get by inflicting injury and pain on their private parts this may lead to cancer due to choronic irritation also loss of sensations due to scarring. I think they enjoy the very fact that some stranger is manipulating their private parts they also have exhibitionist tendency

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  1. adikius Says:

    you just answered your own question
    I think they enjoy the very fact that some stranger is manipulating their private parts they also have exhibitionist tendency

  2. fsb2u2004 Says:

    Thank-you for a very good question. I have pondered this one myself and agree with your own thinking. I wonder also if they may have some egocentric, and deep-seated need for attention.

  3. thegreyface Says:

    Breathing the air in most cities can lead to cancer too. Why stay there?
    The loss of sensation thing is only a worry if you don’t choose your piercer carefully and don’t take care of your piercing.
    Most get a genital piercing because, if done right, they increase the pleasure of intercourse. I know mine does…

  4. blacksheep557 Says:

    Some pain is addictive so some people very seldom go with out at least one new piercing, genitl piercing is teh ultimate in piercings, it give a lot of pleasure afterward

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