I Would Like A New Piercing For My 14th Birthday But..?

I've always been obsessed with piercings and body modification. Except my mum is wayyyyyy against it. I only have my lobes (once) and one was stretched to 5mm, but it got infected, so it's back to normal earring size, and my right helix (which I begged for for near 2 years). And I know it's a bit far away, but it's my birthday in July and I'd really like a new piercing. I want something that's a bit individual, but wouldn't take much to persuade my parents to let me have. These are the piercings I would really love [some from this list wouldn't be suitable]; Tragus, anti tragus, nape, septum, smiley, tongue, daith, rook, conch, vertical labret and transverse lobe. So, please, out of that list, which should I ask for for my 14th birthday? Thanks Bye :] x DAMN Kaitlyn, how'd I forget? RIP Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, ily. RIP Martin McColgan Bannon, ily.

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  1. Alisha Says:

    If your mum is against it, I would get another ear piercing, unless your feeling really rebellious, than I’d ask for a tongue piercing d:

  2. MorgyyLuvsYou Says:

    I dont mean to be a drag,
    But your 14.
    I would go for something simple.
    Like one of those cute marilyn monroe type peircings.
    Its right above the lip.
    But a very smalll one.
    Or your nose peirced. If you havent already!

  3. Kaitlyn [R.I.P. The Rev] Says:

    Septum for sure! =]

  4. Bored Again Says:

    I love my nape piercings but I’m not sure it’s really appropriate for a 14 year old (they can take well over 1 year to heal and have a very real risk of rejection).

    Since your parents are conservative I would go with something simple on the ear, I’d say targus since it’s not too out there but still cute.

  5. WeAreTheOcean Says:

    Start with a simple tragus & work your way up to more serious piercings
    That’s what I did with my anti piercing dad haha

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