Help! Is my piercing infected ?

Okay so i got two little studs in my outer conch done for my 18th birthday. He used a completely sterilized needle and i made sure everything was clean and freshly opened. Ive been cleaning both piercings 2-3 times a day with a sea salt spray and hot water when i get in the shower. I havent had any problems or pain from it until today ( i think i messed with the top stud too much.) It's throbbing a bit and its causing a little pain to my ear but not completely unbearable. This is my first "real piercing" so im terrified of it being infected , not to mention i don't want to hear the "i told you so" from my mother who's completely against any and all piercings. Do you think its infected and how do i know if it is ? Also what am i supposed to do if it is ? Your help would be appreciated ! oh ! and i got it done last monday

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