How much does a lip piercing hurt compared to a tragus piercing?

I have my tragus pierced, and i want to get my lip pierced, im just wondering how much the lip piercing hurts compared to the tragus.

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  1. cassandra xo™ Says:

    A lip piercing is not painful at all. I used to have mine pierced, and when i got it done i would honestly rate the pain as a 1/10. It pinched a tiny bit for about a second, but once the needle went through it felt like nothing had even just happened. If you want your lip pierced, definitely go for it! Don’t let your fear of how much it’ll hurt hold you back, because it really doesn’t hurt much at all!

  2. tammy Says:

    oh no no no lip piercing it wont hurt you at alllll i have one and trust me didnt hurt at all and at the end you will be pround u got it and it will be hottt

  3. KendallKhaos<3 Says:

    Well, I had my tragus done about a year ago and i’m getting my lip done soon. My piercer told me that Tragus piercings and nipple piercings are the most panful piercings to get, and after i got mine done he said I would be able to DEFINETLY handle getting my bellybutton and lip done if I could handle that(: The tragus hurts because it’s really thick and you have to use a lot of pressure to get it through. But with lip piercings, the needle slides right through without hardly any pressure at all. My friend said it didn’t hurt at all, and that the clamp actually hurt more than the needle going through.
    I heard that they’re pretty painful and sore afterwords though. My guy friend said it hurt really bad for a few days after, and that it hurt to eat :p
    Just make sure to clean it really good though, they get infected easily since it’s around your mouth.
    Hope i helped (:

  4. Jenny Says:

    well, your tragus is WAY thicker and more nerves are near their so, your lip won thurt AS much it will still hurt but for sure, if you can handel your tragus , then you can handle this! hope you feel a little bit more confadient! :)

  5. Courtney Says:

    I’ve got both and in all honesty,i didn’t feel my lip at all.I thought my Tragus didn’t hurt much,but my lip it was over with in a second. My Tragus was a hard pinch,my lip piercing wasnt even that.
    The Tragus is thicker skin whereas your lip isn’t and the clamps they use just make it go through the skin nice and easier. :)
    If you have already got your Tragus pierced,you can definatly handle having your lip pierced :)


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