Piercings – all on one ear or shared between the two?

I want to get thefollowing parts of my ear pierced: snug, daith, rook and outer conch. I already have my lobes pierced. Do i get everything on one ear? ie should i get lyk conch and daith on 1 ear, rook and snug on the other, or smething like that!

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  1. sex machine Says:

    space it out and do both ears but make them simetricle thats what i did but im a guy

  2. Bunnyz C Says:

    I think it’s cooler if you get it done on one ear, but really, it’s all about how you like it.

  3. mel2daissa Says:

    i like it on both.

  4. guten morgan Says:

    even them out… i would liek to see rook and conch on one ear and snug and daith on the other.. since rook and daith piercings are close together.. it would look cluttered in a way. lolol same with the snug and a conch..

    but i would go with rook nad conch on one and snug and daith on the other..

    but you always have the last say in it! :)

    good l uck!

  5. sita Says:

    get them spaced out between two ears. otherwise it will look cluttered and lopsided… and make sure not to get them all at once. you’re technically not supposed to try and heal more than 3 piercings at a time… it slows down the process. good luck though and have fun!

  6. Leslie S Says:

    Do whatever works for you. I think you should get a couple in each so that the jewelry wont get tangled at times and I have found that the closer together mine are the longer it is swollen in the healing process. I have four upper piercings. In my right ear I have two on top of each other in the curve, the newer of those was swollen a little longer because I’d change the ring in the lower one and it would irritate the top just a little bit. The same thing happened when I got my industrial in my left ear and have an existing cartilage in the corner above it. I planned it like that but the top hole of my industrial was sore a little longer like the other side did. Pair them out for how they look good. One ear might be a little too cluttered with all of them. The plan for piercings sounds good, I want two more in my ears still and another set of lobes.

  7. Dawn Says:

    i think multiple ear piercings look better split between both ears. too many on one ear tends to look cluttered.

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