How long does the rook piercing hurt after getting it done?

I got my rook pierced on sunday and it was fine until tuesday, when it started getting really sore. Now my entire upper ear is still sore, and its been almost 4 days since Ive had it. Is this normal? And how long is it usually suppose to be sore for? My cartilage only took about 2-3 days before it stopped being sore.

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  1. RenegadeAngel Says:

    You need to keep in mind that rook piercings are set in thick cartilage.
    Its normal for any cartilage piercing to be sore/tender for months after being pierced, especially rooks. Bruising is also considered normal, and will subside in a couple weeks. Sea salt soaks can help soothe any irritation.

  2. Pierced Lady Says:

    The rook is a difficult piercing to heal, and you can expect it to be sore on and off for several weeks before it starts to feel better. It won’t be healed enough to change the bar for at least 6 months, if not longer. Mine took nearly a year before I was able to move the bar without pain.

  3. Tinkie<3 Says:

    what is a rook?

  4. Brooke Says:

    I got my rook pierced on sunday also and since yesterday its been really, really sore and kind of swollen. I thought it might be infected but I remembered how my belly piercing was and most piercings are pretty painless for the first couple days and then tend to get sore.
    The rook takes almost a year to heal all the way so it may be sore from time to time. Try not to sleep on it or move it around too much when cleaning with saline solution. If the piercing starts to get really swollen you should see your piercer.

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