How painful are surface piercings ?

i wanna get a vertical tragus piercing , and ive seen people with like their wrists pierced and everything and thought jesus they must of hurt !. does anyone know the pain factor of these piercings? ive already got , my nose , industrial , forward helix , 2x normal cartilages 4x lobes (2 of which im stretching) do you think if ive gone through these i could take a surface piercing ? thankss :)

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  1. Aaaa A Says:


  2. Stasha-Pistachio Says:

    Surface piercings aren’t really that different to any other piercing.
    If you can do an industrial I’m sure you can manage a surface piercing (navels and eyebrows are also surface piercings)

    Anyway, they are more likely to reject. Especially in hand traffic, high movement areas. Like hand, wrists and hips. Surface tragus reject (or sideburn piercings :/) quite often reject, your jaw moves around more than most people realise, and the skin is pretty thin.
    Actual vertical tragus, aren’t too bad.
    I’d suggest microdermals for nearly any surface piercing. Which really aren’t that bad, and no where near as scary as they can look :) They leave smaller scars, and in viable areas are less likely to reject.
    They also don’t get that wierd look where you can see the bar under the skin slightly.

  3. Princess Says:

    It doesn’t hurt that much. In a 1 – 10 scale I would say 2. A little. I had mine 3 -4 years ago.

    Gook luck

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