What piercing would look good with a septum?

I have had my septum pierced for 4 months now and i am thinking of getting another piercing. What should I get?

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  1. Dee Says:


  2. Julia Says:

    a monroe or regular lip piercing would:)

  3. Kristine S Says:

    Anything would look good! :)
    Eyebrow or Lip? :)

  4. Luckie Says:

    Snakebites? :)

  5. jackie.ftsk Says:

    It all depends on your face structure. My friend has a roundish face and she has a septum with angel bites (two monroe piercings) and it looks simply gorgeous on her. So look at your face structure, and with a pen or eyeliner mark spots (like if you want snake bites, put the marks on your bottom lip and see if you like it) on your face to see what piercings would look good with your septum. :]

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