How to remove a keloid from a rook piercing?

I just got my rook pierced little over a month ago. It has developed a keloid. How would I remove it?

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  • How do I treat a swollen rook piercing? ...I got my rook pierced at the beginning of September, and it looked to be healing well at first but now it is forming a small keloid scar at the top. I have been doing sea salt soaks at least twice a day but it seems to be getting worse. I don’t want to remove...

  • how to remove what I think is a keloid? ...I got my left ear pierced late this summer and all was well until a few weeks later I went and got my other ear pierced. I thought it would look unusual if I had a normal earing in one ear and a piercing earing in the other so i forced the piercing earing into...

  • What to do with keloid or hypertrophic scar on rook piercing? ...So I got my rook (upper cartilage piercing) pierced a little more than two months ago and within the first month, I noticed this bump encircling the hole of the piercing. Compared to my unpierced rook, my pierced rook has that raised slightly reddish bump and is bigger/more swollen. However, it is not...

  • How do I get rid of a keloid scar on a tragus piercing? ...I got my tragus pierced a little over a month ago. Right beside the ring, there is a little bump that looks like a pimple, and I believe it is a keloid scar. What is the best way of getting rid of this? Thanks! ...

  • rook piercing? thinking about getting a rook piercing. anyones opinion. i already have my 1st hole and one cartilage that i just got pierced about a month and a half ago. anyone wanna tell me about the rook piercing. if it hurts alot. if it bleeds. etcetc. ...

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