Rejecting vertical tragus?

About 5 days ago I got a right vertical tragus piercing. The piercing itself didn't go very well. The piercer came out too early and had to pull the needle down and then go the rest of the way out.(he went from bottom to top if that makes a difference.) He said that they reject easily and well I paid a lot for it and I don't want it to reject. Right now you can see the jewelry through my skin in the front. Obviously it's still painful, but there isn't any redness, but I think its moved forward. I do clean it about 3 times a day (in the shower with anti-bacterial soap and then twice a day with saline), so infection should be a problem. Do you think that since it didn't go very well it could be rejecting? It's not a surface piercing either its through the cartilage. excuse me "infection shouldn't* be a problem"

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