Any info. on orbital piercings?

For the past year or so i have been contemplating some kind of piercing. Finally, I have decided to get an orbital piercing in the scapha of my ear (Diagrams and pictures on links). I have read all information on the Association of Professional Piercers website and have taken notes on the most important parts. I am 16, the legal age to be pierced in my area and i have reviewed all of my gathered information with my parents. My mom has pointed out that my ears are small and the orbital may not fit so i may just get a single pierced hole in the same area. I would like to know if there are any reason that this type of piercing is any more dangerous than any other ear piercing, your experiences with this or any other type of ear piercing, and what the studio was like. Thank you!!! (Below is a diagram showing the external parts of the ear, including the Scapha) (Below is the Orbital in the area i wish to get it)[1].jpg (Below is my alternate piercing idea)

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