parents? piercings? help :-)?

every time i ask my parents if i can have a piercing they say no, mostly my mum, my dad doesn't bother about things like that, so about 3 months ago i asked my parents if i could have my tragus pierced and they said no, one of my friends from school also asked and got told no, so we went together had had them pierced. i told my mum two days later and didn't seem to bothered about it& it has healed fine. But whenever i ask about another piercing they always say no because " im not putting tons of holes in myself" but i don't get why i keep getting told that? Even when i told them i would pay i only have my lobes done once & a tragus. So i am planning on going to get some more behind their back again, i don't want to do this so don't lecture me on it, as it is my choice. i have long hair so if i keep it down it would cover the ear piercings but i don't want my hair down constantly :/, so which of these would be easy to hide &heal? vertical tragus transverse lobe industrial scaffold vertical industrial scaffold daith helix rook tongue tongue fraenum/frenulum nape hand webbing wrist navel inverse navel Thank you & sorry for the waffle :-) & i have asked for more than what is on the list, like my lobes for a second time but get told no each time because my mum doesnt like them, but its not like im asking her to get them

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