What is the procedure in getting an industrial piercing?

I am getting an industrial done tomorrow and I am a bit nervous. What is the procedure during the piercing?

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  1. Lindsay W Says:

    shave ya down, numb you up, pierce away!

    Keep it clean.

  2. anywhoohb Says:

    This was the first piercing I ever got, so I understand being nervous. It’s actually not too bad. Your piercer will have you come in and sit on a table – generally it’s like the thing you sit on in the doctor’s office. They will clean your ear, and mark out where they plan on placing the piercing. They will then have you check out their placement in a mirror and make sure you like the way it’s placed before they pierce you. They will then have you lay on your side while they gather all of their stuff together – needles, jewelry, etc. When they are ready to pierce, they will have you breath deep and evenly, then take a big breath. When they tell you to exhale, they will put the needle through. Then they thread the jewelry through the first hole made. Yay! You’re half way there. They then have you do the breathing bit again, making the second hole. After they thread the jewelry through the second hole they screw the little ball on, finish any cleaning up you may need, and you’re set!

    Listen very closely to the aftercare, it is essential! I know other people with industrials that had infection problems, but I never had that problem because I did the aftercare exactly like I was told too. I found the easiest way to soak my ear was to lay a towel down on the floor, put my coffee cup of sea salt water down, and lay down on top of the cup.

    I love my industrial, and I was so excited when I got it. I now have two tattoos, a pierced nose, and a tragus. I want to do something new now, but I don’t know what. It’s definitely addictive and fun!

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