Your most painful piercing..and would this hurt?

Hey guys! I was just wondering which piercing would you say is the most painful (including dermals and surfaces) So far I have: Double tongue(2nd one hurt more then the 1st) Vertical labret(Painful and bled alot) Eyebrow(didnt hurt at all) Industrial(The guy screwed yes it kind of hurt..but it didnt hurt enough to say it would of hurt at all if he did it once..and didnt screw up-He did it twice) 3 on each lobe.... Helix(My cousin did it with a hurt,cause she did it wrong,and it took close to 4 years to heal) Rook(Did not feel it,just heard popping and a bit of pushing) Bellybotton(It hurt but only because i did it myself twice) I used to have a few more...snake bites being the more important one..again second one hurt more then the first :) lip was my first piercing..and i didnt even feel it! Ohkaii so now that ive let you know about my threshold for pain,Would a nape piercing hurt alot? And tell me about your piercing (s) and which hurt most :)

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  • most painful piercing?? ...ok mine so far was my inverse belly (idk y it hurt alot alot alot tho) i hav my snug,tragus,monroe,lobes, and cartlidge. at one time i wanted my conch but backed out after it costed 75$ years later i want it, its 40$ now to my piercer which is pretty cheap. im affraid i will back out though, because...

  • What is the most painful ear piercing? Would i be able to deal with rook pain? ...I have 4 lobe piercings, 1 helix, an industrial, a tragus and a mid ear ear cartilage piercing. I was wondering which is most painful, the conch has to hurt alot and im thinking about getting a rook, if i already have these (they were cake, didnt hurt) would a rook give me any more...

  • whats the worst part of a surface and dermal piercing? ...I heard with a surface its putting the jewelry in..But for someone who has it(or knows someone that does) Is it the jewelry,the piercings itself or the healing? (getting nape done at the end of the month) Same question with dermals,I heard it hurts like hell from some people-And others not at all,So does it? and...

  • Daith piercing? 10 pts?!? ...Hey! I really like the idea of getting a daith piercing. However, there’s a few questions that I need answering before I get it. I’d really appreciate any help. How long do they take to heal? How do you know if there’s enough room to fit a piercing there? Is there an age limit on getting the piercing? (If so,...

  • Anyone with an orbital piercing? ...I realize that alot has to do with your own pain tolerance. Did it hurt worse/less than what piercing? I had my rook pierced last Aug. and it really wasn’t as painful as I expected, but I am prone to headaches. The rook didn’t really cause any, but do you think an orbital would? What...

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  1. gfizzy Says:

    peircing can be weird. from your experience it seems like it would only hurt a little. my peircings do the same thing.

  2. Megan Says:

    Nahh, your nape won’t hurt (:

    I find Cartilage piercings the most painful they ache, and I got one done a week and a half ago now, but it’s on the ear I get comfortable on before I sleep, I’ve been ill for the past week, so lots of relaxing,, and trying to sleep,
    on THAT ear. . . Youch.

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