Rook in comparison to an inner conch piercing?

I'm going to get my rook pierced in about two weeks. I keep reading about how much the rook "hurts" because the amount of cartilage it goes through, but I've squeezed my rook and I've squeezed my conch (which has been doubly pierced for about a year), and the conch seems to be much thicker. I remember getting my conch pierced felt no different than my industrial. So the rook can't be that bad, right? Try comparing your conch to your rook, what do you think? I got my rook pierced today. It hurt a lot, which surprised me. The problem was that as soon I she poked me with the needle, blood started gushing, so she had to do the piercing a little bit at a time. It was intense. It feels fine now though.

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