Does Getting Your Tragus Pierced Hurt?

So far I have my belly button, my forward helix, my cartalige, 3 piercings in each lobe, and my vertical tragus (sideburn). Does the tragus really hurt? None of my piercings so far really hurt at all just the sideburn a little. I've never been scared to get a piercing done but im a little nervous about this one :$ should i get it?

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  1. Mary F Says:

    It hurts just as much as a cartilage piercing would. I’d give it about a 6.5 on the pain scale from 1-10.

  2. ?x?x?? Says:

    hm. well they are supose to hurt a lot because i really
    want one. look up past questions and type in does it
    hurt to get tragus pierced. look at them it will really help
    you out. i hear they hurt a lot but you didnt think all the
    other hurt much you shouldnt have any problem. good

  3. Ms. Says:

    it depends on your level of pain tolerance, but i would have to say yes.. :o )

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