How to decide what facial piercing will suit you best?

How can you decide what facial piercing to get that will suit your facial structure? e.g I have close set eyes so a brigde piercing wouldn't suit me.. Would a lip piercing suit thin/small lips, and what kind? What kind of nose would a nose piercing suit? etc you lot are useless -.-

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  1. Kris Says:

    none…facial piercings make you look tacky and cheep.;_ylt=AsyXPCeqBiRuvW.Y50XQt7Tty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110228134952AApWvhe

  2. steph Says:

    i think facial peircing is really gross and highly unattractive. don’t waste a perfectly good face!

  3. Alys Woods Says:

    Dont pierce parts that you dont want to draw attention to mainly, then go with whatever suits your style

  4. Raikyu Says:

    Doesnt really matter..whichever you get you will get the same dirty looks since no one likes them they are disgusting.

  5. GRS Says:

    Generally, a person with their lips as a prominent feature on their face look better with a monroe piercing. It’s just above the lip so it doesn’t take away from them and you can still wear lipstick without it looking weird. Black girls look pretty to me that have diamond monroe piercings.
    I think if you’re going to get a nose STUD, you should have a small nose. The stud will make it look more delicate and classy. However, if you are wanting a nose RING, you could have a bigger nose.. But by big, I mean wide. A ring fits nicely over and under the nose, so you don’t want it to look out of place.
    Personally, I like eyebrow piercings the best. They accent every eye colour because you can wear any colour barbell in it. I think the rings look a little ghetto and if I had an eyebrow piercing I would wear a barbell in it- with two little diamond balls on the ends. That would be really cute!
    Or, if you don’t like any of those, you could always get more ear piercings! I have a tragus piercing, and I really like it but I also like rooks and daiths, or an industrial would stand out!
    Good luck :)

  6. R5zor Says:

    I don’t have a picture of you so its hard to actually tell, so a good way for you to do it is to tae a washabl marker and put dots where you would want them and see how they look, you can also get those fake piercings you can put on and see how it looks.
    However I do think lip piercings look good on thin small lips, but only on the sides (not in the middle) I realy like angel bites on people with think lips (that’s 2 piercings, 1 on each side of your upper lip) as for nose, I think pretty much any nose works with a nose ring, I’ve seen small, medium, and large :)
    Other possible facial percings : eye brow, which you can get small jewlery since you have close set eyesyou can also consider more extreme piercings such as, cheek peircings, dimple piercings (if you have dimples?) Antie eye brow which is under your eye to the side horizontal, or any sort of surface/ micro dermial piercings pretty much anywhere!

    Hope I helped if you want more in depth you can email me with more details/questions. :)

  7. Stephie Says:

    you can make a small loop like a fake jewelry piece and try it out and see if it suits you, and monroes and nose suit almost evertyone

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