Considering unusual navel piercing….?

I'm thinking about getting my navel pierced after my son is born (due in 3 months). Of course after my tummy goes back to normal. I already have 12 piercings and some have had to be redone or just rejected. I guess my question is do navel piercings tend to reject often like eyebrows and if not do they stay open after so many years like an ear piercing? In case I plan to have another child in the next 5 years. Also, if it does reject will it leave an ugly scar that may ruin my cute tummy (when its flat anyway). Here's a pic of what I want to get: If not that, then definitely a triple navel.

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  1. Kristin C Says:

    my friend had a triple one done. the upper one stayed, the bottom ones she had to get repierced three times before they stayed without rejecting. If you don’t take it out before it rejects all the way, it shouldnt leave too ugly of a scar. My sister had hers done for a few years and while she was pregnant she took it out, and the hole did not close up during her pregnancy.

  2. Nella Says:

    That’s actually SUCH a cute formation. All my friends just had retainers in theirs when they got pregnant, or left it in. If it heals okay then you don’t have to worry about it closing should you get pregnant again.

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