Daith piercing compared to cartilage?

I have my upper cartilage done, and i looove it. I dont think it hurt. It of course pinched for 2 seconds, but I didnt mind. It healed really good, and i love it. I heard the daith piercing is the same pain and aftercare as a cartilage.. is this true? If you feel where a daith would go, it feels liek flesh Here is a pic :) thanks sooo much! http://i.ehow.com/images/a05/bh/kf/care-daith-piercing-200X200.jpg thanks stephanie, i really think i am :D

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  • How much Pain is a Daith Piercing? ...I’m thinking about getting a Daith Piercing but am wondering about the pain. I have had a belly button piercing (I know that’s just a surface piercing though.) a cartilage piercing and 4 lobe piercings. And I never thought any of those hurt at all. So I guess i’m wondering how much...

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