How much would an industrial piercing cost?

I was thinking of getting an industrial piercing but I was wondering how much it would cost. P.S That isn't me in my little icon thing its my little sister.

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  • does a vertical industrial hurt more than a regular industrial? ...i was wondering if anyone that has had an industrial before,,either regular or vertical,,does the vertical industrial ( one helix piercing nd one through conch(thicker part of the ear) does it hurt more than the standard industrial??? i have the industrial on my left ear ,but i was thinking about the vertical industrial on my...

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  • Industrial piercing? ...I am thinking that I want an industrial in my ear. I already have to cartlidge piercings in my ears and a nose piercing. I was wondering, does anyone have an industrial? How would you rate the pain? Was it worth it? Is it safe? Was it easy to care for? or any other tips...

  • Industrial Piercings? ...i need to know how much a vertical industrial piercing and horizontal industrial piercing cost. i want to get a industrial ear piercing from the top of my ear down through the out ear canal. here is a pic of what i mean. i would also like to know about how much pain...

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