What’s the pain like for a Septum piercing?

Heey :) i've wanted my septum pierced for a couple of years, but have never had the guts. i love the piercing, so i don't wanna know your opinion on the look of the piercing. I'm just wondering, how bad is the pain? Is there anything you can compare it to? over the past 4 years, ive had the following piercings: Nostril x3, snakebites, extra labret, anti eyebrow (cheek), bridge, eyebrow, vertical labret, tragus, scaffold/industrial, surface tragus, helix x2, lobes x2 on each ear, x3 stretched lobes, and nape :)

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  1. Ashton Says:

    I have had all of the above, plus some, and to tell you the truth the septum is like being smashed in the nose with a brick, being one of the most painful piercings. From what I understand (seeing as how i’m not a man) it is more painful than a PA.

  2. Tracey Says:

    dont listen to the person say ‘its like getting smashed with a brick’
    no its like getting a few nose hairs plucked. if you do it in the right spot where the skin is thinnest it should barely hurt at all:) your eyes will water though ,
    it shouldnt hurt that bad .

  3. emily Says:

    I got my septum done before anything besides my lobes. I’m no piercing expert. The only other piercing I have is my navel, and my septum hurt about 2 times more. It wasn’t unbearable, and it was really quick, and only hurting like hell for like 3 seonds made it better. In the end, it’s soo worth it it’s my favorite piercing and I’m glad I got it first because I’d probably be too chicken after getting enything else. Haha, hope that made sense and sorry I couldn’t compare it to something you have.

  4. Brittany Says:

    I didn’t really feel mine when it was done, nor while it was healing. Never really hurt me. Just make sure it’s pierced in the soft spot.

    However, everyone’s pain tolerance is different so there’s really no way to compare the pain of piercings.

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