Oral hypertrophic scarring on lip piercing?

Hello, I had the side of my lip pierced sometime in April for the third time. I had it pierced two times before throughout the past 3 or so years, ended taking them both out for various reasons, none of them being trouble with the actual piercing. I've always felt a bit of scarring inside the lip but nothing big. Anyway, the piercing did great up until this past month. I've gotten a huge bump, nearly the size of a pea, on the SIDE of the piercing inside my lip. It's not around or on the actual piercing, but on the side. I've been taking care of the piercing, making sure my mouth was kept clean, ect. It seriously just came out of NOWHERE. I'm guessing it might have been the labret irritating the back of the piercing, so I put in a ring tonight and hopefully that will help it. I've also been salt-soaking it for the past two nights[non-iodine of course.] My last resort would be to take the piercing out. Not because I just don't want to take it out, but because I'm worried if I do, the bump will just BE there forever if I don't take care of it first. Anyway, if anyone can give me some advice on what else I can do for this, I'd really appreciate it. It's not painful, just quite un-attractive and annoying. Thankyou.

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