tragus piercing??

Hi...0k I was considering on getting my tragus pierced..f0r those 0f you who don't know what that is..its the little flap of cartilage that covers your ear canal..anywho I was wonder if people WHO HAVE THE PIERCING could help me...iam turning 15&I already have 2lobe piercing(1 in each ear)&I have my cartilage pierced which is on my left ear(I g0t it pierced for my 14th bday last summer..this piercing didn't hurt @ all so I guess I have a good pain tolerance)...for my bday this summer my mom is taking me 2 get my belly button pierced because I've always wanted 1&sh3 tld me 2 wait until I was 15..these are the only piercings I want..but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for on how to convince my parents to let me get my tragus pierced??&&also can you tell me how they pierce it&the aftercare....plsz no negative answers I just want some ppl who are into piercings like me..but can you guys plsz help me with this..because I really want this piercing&&I was goin 2 tell my parents that i'll pay for my tragus myself...but thank you guysz&have a nice day;]

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