Piercing Ideas? Cute but different……?

So i've been wanting another piercing for a while but i cant decided on what to get. I want something different but not to extreme. I'm not the spider bite/eyebrow piercing kinda of girl....kinda preppy I have single ear lobe piercings on both side, cartilage done on left and my nose pierced on my right side. I was thinking tongue or maybe getting my other side of nose done but I'm not sure. I like tongue piercings but i don't want the trashy stereotype that comes with it. I think it really depends on the person and i'm not trashy at all. I figured i could just take it out if i didn't like it or people started to think of my differently. Do girls with both side of there noses pierced look dumb? My piercer told me he likes it, but i've never seen anyone with it. What i really want is a Dermal Anchor in the center of my chest, but im not 18 and that just wont fly with the parents. soo does anyone have any other ideas or comments on tongue or double nose studs. I want something different, somewhat unique and cute :) Some advise would be nice :) thank you

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  1. Jennika818 Says:

    i think the toungue ring is sexy i like it alot i have one

  2. Save the Pits! Says:

    I love my industrial.

    I really wouldn’t recommend doing another nose ring…looks all wrong in my head.
    Belly button is pretty preppy or you could try the Monroe.

  3. Gorgeous Kelly Says:

    be yourself – and if being urself involves u to have double nose piercings i say go for it!

    p.s. TONGUE PiERCINGS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! there so awesome . i dont have one but i want one but i’m too chicken sh1t of the pain hahaha

  4. Anna R Says:

    tongue rings give your boyfriend something to play with… double nose rings look stupid.

  5. rachel~riot Says:

    I have a medusa piercing! hardly anyones you see has that one!
    soo its really unique(: and its cute when you put diamond studs in it

  6. Bre Says:

    Honestly, both sided nose rings look pretty stupid to me.
    Tongue rings are really cute though, and if your not trashy then you shouldn’t have people saying your trashy just cause of a piercing.

  7. littledreamer Says:

    you should do the other side of your nose.
    i got mine done because so many people have just one and frankly its boring lol.
    this is a link to one of my questions i asked, and i posted like 5 pics of me and you can see my double nostril.

    i am also getting my tongue pierced.

    [eta: my double nostril is not dumb! lol i get compliments all the time, from all types of people]

    eta again, lol here is a picture i took like 2 sec ago just for you haha so you can see mine clear:

  8. Gimpy Says:

    I personally don’t like the double nose. One of my friends got her tongue pierced but she did not get it strait through the top she got it through the side so it goes through the middle from one side to the other. Horizontal not vertical. I think this is rly cool and has no connotation with it. just an idea.

  9. crazzy_nascar_chick Says:

    Orbitals are really cool:

    UFO orbitals especially (though I imagine they’d be really hard to heal):

    Otherwise, I’d say go with the double nostril. Tongues are not unique, thousands of teenage girls and boys have them. So if you’re looking for unique, that’s not your piercing. Not that I have anything against them, I think they’re lovely, but lovely as they may be, they are still not unique.

  10. Anisya Says:

    a really close friend of mine has both sides of her nose done. I happen to think it looks really good as long as its not huge jewelry.

    just do you can see someone with both sides done…

    I am neutral on tongue piercings…used to have one…occasionally miss it….but most the time I”m glad I don’t have it anymore. I do agree with you that it really depends on the person.

    other things to consider:
    monroe done on the left
    some type of orbital in your cartilage. the possibilities are only limited by the shape of your ear. get with your piercer and you can probably brainstorm something.

    ps…looks labels don’t really work with piercings. I know “preppy” people with septum piercings.

  11. bettie =) Says:

    Tongue piercings look sort of trashy and really 90′s and outdated.
    No, I’m not a person who is going to tell you not to get piercings, I love piercings, and have had 53 myself. I just think tongue piercings are ugly.

    Double nostrils are adorable and I love mine! That would be a good one for you if you don’t want anything too “out there”. Here’s some photos of double nostrils:

    You could also consider getting another nostril piercing on the same side as the one you already have, its really unique and adorable. This girl has a cute one: http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/05-lips/A61224/high/bmepb418611.jpg

  12. Kristy B Says:

    ya i have to admit that when i see a girl with a tongue piercing i think its slutty. and guys automatically associate it with oral sex.

    i think one nose piercing is cute. two may be a little on the extreme side.

    why not do a navel piercing? i think its cute on innocent girls. inverse navel piercings (getting the lower rim as opposed to the upper) are a little more on the edgy side and less popular. plus i think they are better looking. smooth as opposed to all crunched up. google it.

    good luck girly! make sure to research whatever you decide on!

  13. Babyblue_1315 Says:

    I have my tongue done (and no one calls me trashy because of it). I love it a lot. I only have one side of my nose pierced but i never wear anything in it cause it’s very overplayed. But I think one on each side would be super cute!! Different, but not too different if you’re worried about appearances.
    I have 3 dermal anchors, one in each wrist and one on my sternum. They are really adorable and I get compliments/questions all the time. But just so you know they aren’t like regular piercings, you have to get them surgically removed and if removed leave quite a large scar. You have to be very careful with them too so they don’t get ripped out lol, or moved around (which can make them reject). I’d recommend waiting til 18 for these anyways because they are a fairly new type of piercing and are still in the experimental stage haha. No ones sure how they’ll be over time.
    Whatever you do haha PLEASE don’t get the monroe I love all piercings, but not this one. Looking at someone with it just makes me wanna rip it out lol.

  14. isidith3 Says:

    I once worked with a preppy girl named tori and she had both sides of her nose pierced, though now she would 23 not under 18 lol. At first I thought it was odd looking but I grew to really like it on her. I would suggest other interesting areas but again you are not 18 yet!

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