Any info on an anti-tragus piercing?

I want this piercing pretty bad. I've heard weird rumors about it though. I heard it's the most painful of ear piercings... is that true? I pinch mine and it doesn't hurt NEAR as bad as pinching my tragus. Any advice would be awesome. If you're gonna be a butt wrinkle because you don't like piercings, don't waste my time... i won't find you clever and you won't phase my way of living what-so-ever... i'll just assume you don't know how to read.

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  1. Anne Says:

    my roommate has hers pierced and she said it hurt like hell. but not bad enough to deter her from other piercings

  2. madcow678 Says:

    hey i had my tragus peirced like 2weeks ago and that didnt hurt at all so if pinching ur anti tragus dosnt hurt as much when pinching ur tragus im sure it will be fine
    i really wrked myself up wen getting my tagus peirced and it didnt hurt so dnt worry bout it and get a friend to go with u cos then u will be more likly to get it done
    hope this helps
    ooo and they look amazing so just think about wha it will loomk like after and dnt worry about the pain

  3. Jessica B Says:

    Im not sure what an anti tragus is but i have my tragus pierced along with cartilage of ear, tongue, belly button, nose, and a tattoo. I still say that the belly button hurt the most. The tragus wasnt that bad except for it is still infected. Since february. It looks good from the outside but i have a bump that looks like a nipple on the inside. Its big.
    Let me know what a anti tragus is cuz im always open for new piercing ideas!!

  4. ?†M€?????†? Says:

    The tragus is the part of your ear closest to you face. So, yeah, it’s gonna hurt… But, I think they’re neat. I’m thinking of getting one.

  5. PNC Says:

    I personally think that the rook piercings that I have are the most painful of all. I have 19 piercings and the rook was by far the worst for the first few days but then it wasn’t so bad. But everyone has different pain tolerances so what is awful for me might be nothing for you. But good luck and happy healing if you decide to get it.

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