Vertical Tragus Piercings?

I'm planning to get my tragus pierced but vertically. I got my rook done and I'm just curious about the pain of getting a vertical tragus? Do you think it'd be similar to my rook?

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  • Is a vertical tragus (NOT a surface piercing) more likely to reject than a normal tragus piercing? ...Hi, I am going to get a new piercing in a month or so, and I have my heart set on either a tragus piercing or a vertical tragus piercing. I love both, but if I had to choose, I would probably get the vertical tragus piercing. Now, before people start telling me that...

  • Questions about rook piercing? ...I’m fourteen, almost fifteen and I’m thinking about getting my rook pierced? I’ve had a vertical labret, x tragus, 2x ear cartilage, 2x ear lobe so I’m no stranger to piercings (: (Althought I’ve only had three done with a hollow needle, professionally.) I live in WI, so how old would I have to be...

  • Vertical Tragus Rejection..? ...So, I’ve been considering a vertical tragus piercing for awhile (providing my tragus can be pierced vertically), and I’d just like to know how many people here have experienced rejection with this piercing. I know rejection is common with the vertical tragus, but I’m looking for real people’s stats. Thanks. ...

  • Is it possible to have multiple piercings in the clitoral hood? ...I have my hood pierced vertically and I’ve been considering another genital piercing but that’s just about the only one I’m built for that I’m brave enough to do. So my questions is could I have it pierced again and have multiple barbells in my CH? I know it’s not a huge area but I’m...

  • Rook piercing on same side as tragus or cartilage? ...I am planning on getting my rook and cartilage pierced but i dont know which sides to get it on. I already have my tragus pierced on the left ear with a stud. What do you think will look better, rook piercing on left ear with my tragus and cartilage on right ear or cartilage...

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