I’m really depressed about something I shouldn’t be depressed about?

Hello. My name is Min Ji from Korea and I am 14 years old. This is going to be a long story but please read all of it. The two things that I love doing is singing and dancing. I'm not good at neither but I still love practicing and performing. This sounds really strange but even though I know it's impossible, I want to become a singer and dancer. This feeling was always there but I started to really want to do it when I had a project for drama class last month. It was a project where you had to act like a singer and you could choose any artist and either sing or lip-sing it. I ended up performing "Go Away" by 2ne1 (famous k-pop group) with 2 other friends. After two days of practice, we performed it in front of the class(There is about 10 people). I though I was going to be nervous but I LOVED being on stage, performing. I became a fan of 2ne1 and as I listened to more songs from them, I realized that this was the one thing in the world that I enjoyed doing. I tried telling my dad that I wanted to take lessons. It wasn't like I told him that I wanted to become a singer. He became mad and told me that dancing is for "bad" kids and told me no. Now that was the back story. Here goes the main part.. There is a member in 2ne1 names Minzy (Gong Minji). At first, I liked her because we had the same name and she was the best at dancing but I found out that she was 16 and the depression started. I suck at the things that I love. I don't like studying (nobody does) and I'm not particularly good at it. I did get 2nd place in Korea in a English writing contest but I have no passion for writing. I'm good at nothing really and I am a loner at school while Gong Minzy is famous all around Korea, her job is doing what she likes and she's good at it. She is only 2 years older than me. My parents and brother always 'tease' me about how bad my singing and dancing is and that is NOT helping me. My dad is also very strict. He doesn't let me dye my hair, pierce my ears and etc. I'm getting so depressed about this and it has gotten worst lately because YG Entertainment (where 2ne1 is from) has an audition and it ends on Jan 28. It's three days from now and I have this part of me that wants to just do it without telling my parents but I know I will not pass because there are people that were raised to become singers. I wish that my parents had pushed me in this way when I was young I know some of you will think I am silly because being a singer has a lot of drawbacks but it's really the only thing in the world that I like doing. Please give me some advice on what I should do. Thank you and please no racist comments.

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  1. jillianjive Says:

    Even though you don’t like studying now, keep at it! You can practice dancing and singing while getting good grades. But even though you hate studying and all you want to become is basically an idol, think about the conditions you’ll be working under. I know that yg entertainment are known to have very good working enviorment and give their singers breaks often, but come on, out of the hundreds of thousands of people who audition, close to none get in. I mean they have a small amount of groups there. You could look for another entertainment casting company, but alot treat their people badly, I mean look at sm entertainment, yes their singers are amazing, but they rarely get breaks, they’re over worked, whether it be having to go to 10 or so interviews a day, or being forced to dance with few breaks all day. I would say, try not to get depressed over these little things, alot of these idols have very bad depression from all the stress they’re put under. But if your love for song and dance is really big and you definitely know you wouldn’t care about the stress you would be put under, the first step to achieving your dream is by confronting your dad, but in a mature way. Tell him how strong our passion is and say how it makes you depressed when he makes mean comment about your dancing. Maybe if you talk to your parents about it enough they’ll come around. But seriously, don’t give up on your studies, because there is alot of other things you can do with your life, and you might regret not studying hard when you’re older. Oh! But as you’re so good at english, it could definitely help you become a singer, the company’s like people who are bilingual or multilingual. If you definitely decide to become a singer, make sure to look for a good company and check up on them to make sure its not a scam. But yeah, education helps, im going to college to learn korean, so I can live in korea. Take a good amount of time to think everything over, then maybe look into dance and singing schools. They’re the way to become better at it then your competition. So anyways, really think about the points I’ve made before you get depressed about things and make a complete decision. Sorry its so long haha, from Jillian

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