Info on surface tragus piercing?

I already asked this q but i might get more answers in this section...anyway i want to get a surface tragus piercing (not a vertical) and it looks like this.. Anyone got it pierced and some advice? Thanks other link doesnt work...try this one

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  • Signs of/How to minimize surface piercing rejection? ...I got a surface vertical tragus piercing yesterday, (something like this): The piercer seemed to know exactly what he was doing and had photos of his experience. The procedure was quick and painless. However, I didn’t read until later the high rate of rejection associated with this piercing. I am pierced with a curved barbell, 16 gauge...

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  • Do you have any ear projects (a multi-pierced set of piercings) or any other sets like navel, lip, nipple etc? ...So far I’m not finished but am in the process… I have my lobes stretched to 14G captive rings, and 2 14G inner conches in each ear… I am soon going to be getting one 14G outer conch in each ear (also called flats) and one more inner conch in each ear…. making a total...

  • Is a vertical tragus (NOT a surface piercing) more likely to reject than a normal tragus piercing? ...Hi, I am going to get a new piercing in a month or so, and I have my heart set on either a tragus piercing or a vertical tragus piercing. I love both, but if I had to choose, I would probably get the vertical tragus piercing. Now, before people start telling me that...

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