Around about how much does the tragus and rook piercing cost? experience?

around about how much would a tragus piercing and a rook piercing cost? Anyone have personal experience, meaning do you guys have either done? Tell me about it please!

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  1. Ashley Says:

    It all depends on where you go. I’ve seen places that advertise piercings for 25. I’ve seen places for 50 and up. Just make sure that the place is sterile and professional. I’ve had 50 dollar piercings and I’ve had 25… they were all the same to me.

  2. Indie Lin Says:

    The shop that I get my piercings done at charges $45-$55 for both tragus and rook piercings, but that will vary depending on your location. I have had both pierced, but only still have my rook. Both were relatively easy piercings to heal, and were not too painful.

  3. crazzy_nascar_chick Says:

    Prices can vary drastically from shop to shop. Expect to pay around $35-$80 for either. Don’t shop for the best bargan. Find a good piercer or two, then consider price. Anyway, call a few local studios and get a quote.

    I’m sorry I don’t have person experience with either of these. However, this website is great for all things mod, they have tons of pics and experiences of any piercing you could think of:

  4. geo Says:

    My tragus was around $60 all up.
    That was for the jewellry, piercing and the spray.

    The piercing it self doesn’t hurt at all it that’s what you wanted to no as well.

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