Completely bad idea to pierce my own inner conch?

Other than the infection part which is possible if or if i don't get it professionally done.. Is it a completely bad idea to have a friend pierce my inner conch (inside of my ear). And what do i need to know before i do it??? Whether you tell me if its a bad idea or not give me some advice on HOW to do it. I've pierced my own lobes but never cartilage.

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  1. don_horaldo Says:

    it’s about the same. if you aren’t going to do it professionally make shore to sterilize everything.

  2. Kayla K. Says:

    No absolutely not!
    Do not do this yourself. There are so many vessels and veins inside that part of your ear that you could really do some damage! Plus how do you plan on steralizing that needle?
    Please dont say with fire!
    Cuz that is not the way to do it,and a sewing needle is not satisfactory for doing piercing’s especially with that thick of skin. Lobes and cartilage are two WAY different things. Just dont do it,its not gonna cost you that much money to get it done professionally,and ur just gonna bring yourself a bunch of un-needed issues.

  3. ??ced Says:

    Since you don’t even know how to pierce it or what to know beforehand, yes this is clearly a terrible idea. Ear lobe is forgiving, meaning you can pierce it yourself & generally not have problems. Cartilage is different. You pierce cartilage wrong, and your whole ear can be deformed.

  4. MonkeyMonkey Says:

    I pierced my own ears but what you are talking about may need special tools to get done correctly and more painlessly. I would consider some professional doing the work or at least watch them do the work. Good luck

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