How do I keep a surface piercing from rejecting?

So I have my anti eyebrow pierced and I wanted to know if anyone could shed some light. I really do not want my piercing to reject, and I was wondering if regularly using sea salt soaks and anti microbial soap would be enough. I also wanted to know if anyone knew where I could buy surface bars?

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  1. danielle Says:

    There’s not really a way to keep them from rejecting…surface piercings are temporary piercings. The only thing you can do is keep it clean and hope it lasts a little longer. If it is going to reject (which it will) it’s going to reject and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  2. ??????? ???? ???? Says:

    seriously i had to google “anti eyebrow”

  3. tekno Says:

    there really is no way to stop rejection.
    rejection happens when it is easier for your body to push the jewellery out than heal around it, nothing will stop that.
    if you are lucky, it could be years before it starts to reject, however you may only have it a few weeks before it starts.
    you don’t need soap to clean it, it is probably not doing any good for the piercing, stick to just using sea salt soaks.
    if it heals, you don’t change the bar, surface bars are designed to stay in, if you want to change the look, just buy new beads and only change the beads.
    if at any point you think the piercing has started to reject, get it taken out.
    you could always get it done again as microdermals, as these are more permanent (however not completely permanent)

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