What piercing and where to put the tattoo? Help me?

I have 3 earlobe sets on each ear scaffold/industrial (right ear) 3 hole spiral on the cartilage (left ear) nose (right side) tongue lip (bottom left) belly button I want another piercing, but I don't know where...I don't like septum, nipple, or genital piercings If you wanna bitch about how "I have to many already" I really don't. I don't have that many at all, I am just looking for suggestions for another one though. Thanks for the help! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also I want a japanese symbol for dream which I don't know where to put, and a "star collage" I guess you could call it. It will be the size of my entire top back but since that is taken where else could I put it? The following spots are taken: right hip, right index finger knuckle, right wrist, left foot, inside left ankle, front right shoulder(by my collar bone kinda but lower), top of my back, right leg. Thanks again!

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  1. satanwarmaster Says:

    I will come over to your place with a magnet.

  2. *Megan* Says:

    I think you should get the tattoo on your thigh and get a tragus piercing. They are so cute!!!!

  3. Jackson Soo Says:


    For your piercings i think there are no other nice places to have them already.

    For your next tattoo, getting a star (i.e. Nautical Star) tattoo at the ankle is not a bad idea. I initially thought the japanese character on the upper back side area would be awesome but seems like it’s already taken.

    Hope that helped.

  4. Crescent Says:

    Hmmm, only thing I can think of would be a second nose piercing next to your current one. I’ve heard of a couple of people having that.

    As for the tattoo: You could get it across the top of your chest, or your lower back.

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