I know some similar questions have been asked, but I'm not sure this exact one has? Anyway, I recently got my inner conch pierced (recently meaning...last night. hehe) and I was pierced with a 14g needle and I have in 16g horshoe-esque thing that goes around my whole ear. Looks like that, but it's not mine -> http://images.43things.com/entry/212209pw150.jpg My question is, I think it looks a bit silly with my tiny ears and want to put a simple stud in my ear. Will I be able to change to a regular earring since I was pierced with a larger piece of jewelry? Should I wait at all or do it right away? I know you shouldn't mess with a conch piercing unless you have to clean it, but I really want to change...is this possible? As much information as possibly is very much welcomed. I'm new to slightly less "conventional" piercings. =] PS: Yes, this was just posted earlier and I got two answers, but I accidentally deleted it! x________x Sorry everyone!

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  1. chickenbunny Says:

    Wait 2 weeks and then put a barbell in it if you want. A regular stud earring will be too short for an inner conch piercing, and the butterfly back can cause a lot of problems.

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