Does a Snug piercing hurt? And does it hurt worst than an Industrial piercing?

i wanted to get my snug done sometime soon

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  • inner conch piercing costs and pain? ...i hav my tragus.snug,monroe,inverse belly, and stretched lobes and helixes. i want to get my inner conch done on my left ear since it is naked with nothing but a lobe in it. i wanted to get it done with a 16g and i was wondering how much it would cost? my piercer for my snug charged 20$...

  • most painful piercing?? ...ok mine so far was my inverse belly (idk y it hurt alot alot alot tho) i hav my snug,tragus,monroe,lobes, and cartlidge. at one time i wanted my conch but backed out after it costed 75$ years later i want it, its 40$ now to my piercer which is pretty cheap. im affraid i will back out though, because...

  • NEW PIERCING! (help me choose which one i should get!? ...1st.. YAY i can get a new piercing! 2nd its a ear piercing 3rd which one do you like more? its between the ROOK (the piercing with the pink barbell) DAITH orr OUTER CONCH those who know piercings i wanted to know if me having a “snug piercing” would affect any of the new piercing i wanted such as a daith or...

  • How can I hide a snug piercing? ...I had my snug piercing done yesterday, and in a month i need to hide it for a gymnastics competition.. anyone have any ideas of how to hide this piercing? no, i dont mean a septum. this is a snug piercing – ...

  • How much does a snug piercing hurt ? & Is it worth it ? ...Im 14, I just got my tragus done on both sides. I felt pressure & a little bit of stinging, but it was over really quickly. I wanted to get my snug done, if its worth it i might do it on both sides again. How much does it hurt ? some people said it was pretty bad +...

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