What is it like getting a tragus piercing?

I really want to get this done, I love the way it looks but im still a little nervous. I have eight other piercings, three on each ear (none of which hurt) and I also have my nose and belly button done, none of them really hurt, would you consider that high pain tolerance? And if you have your tragus pierced, I would really like your thoughts on yours, and how it was getting it done. Thank you!

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  1. Girl. Says:

    None of the piercings you have really hurt anyway. Tragus just feels like any other piercing, and isn’t too painful. You might hear a little pop as it gets pierced, but that’s normal. Naturally, it burns a little afterwards but it’s nothing unbearable.

  2. hp_27 Says:

    I just got mine done yesterday and it honestly isn’t that bad. I have my nose done too which in my opinion didn’t really hurt. It hurt more than my nose and it still has an achy pain feeling but it’s completely bearable. And it looks really cool! It was like a 3 minute process it was over really quick. After the piercer puts the needle in (doesn’t actually hurt that bad) there’s just a weird pressure feeling which is the part the kind of hurts a tiny bit. It’s just him putting the earring in and stuff like that. You should get it, it’s not that bad.

  3. †BabieBwat89† Says:

    I am getting mine done tomorrow! I have 18 other piercings and I have heard that the tragus really hurts. Everyone is different so I just say go for it because whether it hurts like hell or feels like nothing, it is all worth it in the end. Go for it and good luck to ya!

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