How much will a conch piercing hurt?

I'm considering getting an inner-conch and i want to know how much you thought it hurt or have heard it hurt. Also, i have my belly button and snug pierced do you think it will be more painful, my belly button didn't hurt but my snug hurt quite a lot. Thanks (:

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  • most painful piercing?? ...ok mine so far was my inverse belly (idk y it hurt alot alot alot tho) i hav my snug,tragus,monroe,lobes, and cartlidge. at one time i wanted my conch but backed out after it costed 75$ years later i want it, its 40$ now to my piercer which is pretty cheap. im affraid i will back out though, because...

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  1. chickenbunny Says:

    Mine hurt a lot, but it was over with quickly. They were done in 10 gauge though, so they probably hurt more than say, a 14 gauge would.

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