I got a bubble on my anti tragus piercing. ?

Recently i went to my doctors office and he gave me 3 weeks worth of anti biotics cuz a bubble on my anti tragus had grown and it was in terrifying pain and it was bad and the anti biotics helped bring the size of it down but a bit of the bubble is still there and i dont wanna pop it and let bacteria into it. What should i do? Leave it alone? Should I wash it with anti bacterial soap once a day? H20cean? Tea tree oil? IDK wat to do, I dont want it to grow again. btw, my doc said he can freeze it off, is that a good idea?

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  1. neener Says:

    try using bactine

  2. destroy.civilization Says:

    It sounds like Hypertrophic scarring. Keep cleaning it but do not over clean, as this can strip the piercing of natural oils, and cause irritation. Tea tree oil is great for care of piercings, and it should help with the H.S. Also, you may have inappropriate jewelry. Consulting with a body piercer would be helpful, they may help you determine this. They might also suggest you take it out, let it heal and then re pierce. This may not be necessary, but it might be a good idea if the problem persists and doesn’t clear.

    Just give it some time, and do not mess with it other than when cleaning.

    Good luck.

  3. Btchy987 Says:

    well i had a keloid on my ear from my not 2 recent industrial bar piercing and i went back to the place and had it popped. Try using a astringent such as bactine or saline solution or Renu contact cleaner because not only does it clean it, but it has salt in it to help speed up the healing process. All H2ocean does is to help speed up the healing process, not disinfect it.

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