Answer my question please, I would appreciate it.?

* This is for a good cause! * Let us pretend that YOU and the person who YOU hate the most (X) , are to be executed. I give you the choice to choose an execution for you and X . Knowing that you will first have to see X die. And then it's your turn. You can make a selection out of 20 executions listed down here. 1) The stake were you will get burned alive. 2) 'The pit' , were you get buried alive. 3) Decapitation with a Guillotine. 4) Hanging, short drop so that you will die of strangulation. 5) Boiling to death. 6) Crucifixion. (like Jesus) 7) Disembowelment 8) Dismemberment, having 4 horses pull out your limbs. 9) Drowning with the 'Cucking stool' (+ illustration) 10) Flaying , scraping of your skin, slowly, starting with your head and ending at your feet. 11) Impalement, getting pierced by a long stake. 12) Sawing, your hung up upside-down and then sawed apart starting at the crotch. 13) Iron Maiden Device = Iron cabinet with inside some sharp spikes. 14) Crocodile shears (only for men), placed on erected penis. 15) Ling Chi, slow cutting ears, fingers, breast,.. ended by a stab in the heart. 16) The Breaking Wheel 17) Stoning 18) Death flight, being thrown of a height. 19) Snake pit 20) Starvation and Dehydratation This is part of my project about the human mind and I would appreciate it if you could answer this honest with an explination why you choose it for you and the person you hate most. I would appreciate it if you could actually chose bewteen these 20 options. It's important that you understand how the methods are performed so don't mind asking me, I can always add some extra info. Thank you very much for taking the time to think about it. Bye x

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