What is the sexiest facial piercing?

Don't say none of them. To pick from: The little stud on the lip, eyebrow bar, lip ring, tongue, nose stud, nose ring, medusa, madonna, or any other you can think of. I'm a girl btw.

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  1. Mary Says:


  2. -katlyn Says:

    tongue. or nose (:

  3. Voyeur Says:

    I have an opinion about them all, but the best i’d say is lip stud.

  4. Therese Says:

    There are a few options i find look attractive: Monroe, Tongue, Nose Ring/Stud, Lip Ring, and for ears i’d suggest a Tragus piercing or an Industrial.
    Don’t get an eyebrow piercing, you’ll look like a dyke.

  5. victor Says:

    All facial piercings pretty much look gross on girls except for a little nose stud and a monroe

  6. Jojo Says:

    I like all of them except an eyebrow piercing on girls.

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